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Villanuco de Las Encartaciones
Villano de las encartaciones molososyperrosdepresa

Other name(s)

Basque Rat Hunting Dog
Ratonero Vasco

Breed Origin



Male: Unknown
Female: Unknown


Male: Unknown
Female: Unknown


brown brindle



Litter size


Life span


The Villanuco de Las Encartaciones (Basque: Enkarterriko billanuko, Cantabrian: Villanucu, English: Little Villein of Las Encartaciones) is a Spanish dog breed typical of the region of Las Encartaciones (Biscay), Cantabria and northern Burgos (Spain).

It is a ratter, used as a "door dog" for its speed advising the arrival of strangers. The census estimated that believed that there is about 50 dogs with what is in a critical state of conservation. Although its small size and character are prized as pets.

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