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Hi, im Dennyfeline. I live in Namibia. I love animals and dogs and cats are no exception. I feel really proud to be a member of such a wonderful Wiki like this one.

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Teenage Cat

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Pet Cat(s)

Muffin and Pumkin.

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Border Collie

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Domestic Short Hair

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Hallo there, im Dennyfeline a featured user in three Wikis. The reason im involved in this Wiki is because i adore animals more than anything in life, most especially my cats Muffin and Pumkin.

Pets Edit

I have two cats (kittens ages at the moment).

Muffin Edit

Muffin is a 13 week old kitten. She has ginger colored fur. She was born in November in a litter of three. Her mother was Smokey, who used to be my cat who i was staying with for only a short period of time. Her brother is Pumkin and her other sibling died after birth( more like her mother killed it by rejecting it). She is a very affectionate kitten. She loves to be patted , picked up and cuddled. She can be a little curious at times but thats just kitten behavior. she has a very sweet temperament and purrs a lot when patted and stroked.

Pumkin Edit

Pumkin is a 13 week old kitten. He has a brown mackerel tabby coat. He was born on November. His mother was my former cat, Smokey. He was born in a litter of three. His sister is Muffin. His other sibling died after birth after mother Smokey rejected it. Pumkin is a very playful kitten. He is a little more independent than his sister Muffin but also enjoys being patted and cuddled.

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